Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mr. President?

As I sat watching Fox News last night and earlier this morning, I was mystified once again by our "President". I know I should be used to his antics by now, but I still find myself stupefied every so often by new revelations about his job description. Since when did it become part of the President's job to pitch American cities to the Olympic Committee? I am so thrilled that he is going to fly to Copenhagen (on taxpayer money, no less) to pitch the windy city to the Olympic Committee this Friday. Of course, after the brutal and fatal beating of the honor student that recently occurred there I am sure that the committee is just going to JUMP at the chance to bring athletes and spectators from all over the globe to that wonderful host city. Aren't you? I wouldn't send my worst enemy, or for that matter, my ex husband, to Chicago if you paid me! Nobody deserves that kind of abuse. However since it is Obama's home city and he is neck deep in Chicago politics, I assume he probably has no choice but to use his status to help Chicago win the bid for the Olympics. I am sure that Mayor Daley has given him his marching orders and like a good little soldier, he has followed them.

However, I am wondering when he will stop busying himself with other things and actually get down to the business of "governing" the people of the United States. So far I have seen nothing that would lead me to believe that he has any clue what that actually entails. He does nothing but give lofty speeches, fly all over the world to apologize for being American, and push a health care plan that over half of Americans object to. He can't even make time to meet with his Generals regarding the two wars that we are fighting.

I was absolutely appalled to learn on Sunday night, as I am sure most of America was, that in the 70 days since he appointed General McChrystal to lead the war in Afghanistan that he has only spoken with him ONE time. How is this possible? Does Obama not think that the Afghan front is important to our national security? All signs point to NO, he does not. Apparently, President Obama does not grasp how important it is that we do not lose to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Losing this war would be tantamount to our "defeat" in Vietnam because it would empower an entire sect of radical Muslims to attack America.

In Islam, withdrawal or defeat is seen as the greatest flaw of a person or nation. In other words, all Muslim nations that want to destroy the "Great White Satan" and the terrorist organizations that they sponsor would see this as a perfect opportunity to strike at us where we live. September 11th would pale in comparison to the havoc that they would wreak on us if we lose to the Taliban and by proxy, Al Qaeda. It baffles me that President Obama is not immediately responding to his hand-picked general 's request for 40,000 more troops in Afghanistan and is quite possibly going to deny his request. Does he truly not care about the safety of Americans on American soil and is he really that cold hearted that he does not lose a wink of sleep over the thousands of American soldiers that we have lost in the War on Terror? What kind of American President is he?

Last night, I saw Bill O'Reilly interview John McCain and I found myself asking out loud, once again, why he isn't our President. I know, because 54 million people were misguided and chose to vote for Obama in a reactionary vote against all things Bush and all things Republican, but those people did not make a wise decision and the rest of us must share in the consequences of their actions. I know that Obama despises John McCain, but he could certainly learn alot from him about fighting a war and putting your country first. Maybe he should take a lesson from those who have been there and seen the face of war and the consequences of accepting defeat. I hope Obama finds time on his flight to Denmark this week to read a history book or two about American wars. John McCain wrote a great one about courage and another about standing strong in war Faith of My Fathers and Why Courage Matters- I am sure that he would give him a copy, he would probably even autograph them for him.

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