Thursday, April 9, 2015


I can stay silent no longer.  The actions, both un-Constitutional and border-line treasonous, have become so numerous that I am unable to sit idly by and watch as the land that I love, the greatest Nation on Earth is systematically dismantled by the President and his administration.   Whether Obama is negotiating with our enemies, insulting our allies or signing over-reaching executive orders, it seems he is always in the process of destroying all that America stands for, our inherent national pride and the freedom for which so many have fought an died to preserve. 

President Obama has been in office for 5 and 1/2 years and it has felt like an eternity.  I wrote a blog posting after the election in 2008, that stated that I was going to put the election nastiness behind me and give him the benefit of the doubt and let him prove to me that he knew what he was doing and that despite his utter lack of experience, he could govern well.  Needless to say, it did not take more than a few days after his first Inauguration to prove that my fears were warranted.  He announced immediately after assuming the office that he planned to close Guantanamo Bay as soon as possible.  Why?  Because he thought that it "looked bad" to the rest of the world to hold these "prisoners" indefinitely and the terrorists were using it as a recruiting tool.  This was his FIRST concern, not the economy which had just taken a gigantic nosedive off a cliff or the war in Afghanistan which was in serious trouble or any one of a myriad of other important issues.  No   

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ryan's RNC Speech

This week has been very exciting, with Hurricane Isaac pounding the Gulf Coast and the Republicans celebrating at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  I have paid very close attention to both, but have really enjoyed the speeches at the convention this week.  If I had to pick a favorite one it would be Paul Ryan's acceptance speech last night.  He made several key points about the Romney/Ryan team's vision for the future of America and several jabs at President Obama.  One of the best lines against Obama was the image he conjured up of a twenty-something college graduate in his childhood bedroom staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when he can move out and begin his life.  This image should have hit home for many younger voters that are disappointed and frustrated by President Obama and the job-killing economic policies he has made in the last three years.  Hopefully, this will result in many of those young adults voting for Romney in November.

 He also made a good argument for choosing him and Mitt Romney by asking at what point does Obama begin assuming responsibility for the struggling American economy.  "It has been almost four years since Obama assumed the office.  At what point does he assume responsibility?"  That is an excellent question.  No one doubts that the President took office during a troubled economic season, but his policies have made a difficult situation much worse.  With the failed $800 billion stimulus, which was only possible by borrowing money, the passage of an exorbitant tax program otherwise known as Obamacare and the foolish step of printing more money, Obama has assisted the downturn of the economy and the increase in the unemployment rate.

 When President Bush left office, the unemployment rate was 4.6%, now it is 8.3% and rising.  Also, the rate of unemployment has been above 8% for a consecutive 43 months.  It is so difficult to find a job that one out of every two college graduates today are either unemployed or under-employed, meaning that they cannot find a job that they were trained for or that they are working a part-time position instead of being able to secure full-time employment in their field.  This economy is headed in the direction of Europe's economy and more specifically, that of Greece.  Something MUST be done to save the United States from bankruptcy and soon.  I believe the men for the job are Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!  These men have experience in economics, including budgeting and job creation and know how to get this country back on track towards prosperity. 

I was discussing the economy with my husband the other day and he brought up a very good point.  I asked him when it became a crime to be successful and wealthy in America?  His response - when the liberal agenda of socialism began being taught in public schools.  When I was a kid and I saw a very successful person with amassed wealth, I thought "I hope I can be like him one day."  Now, they are teaching people to scorn those with money and success.  This is not the principle on which our Nation was founded.  It does not reflect the best of America or the "American Dream" which millions of us strive to achieve every day.  If President Obama is given four more years, I believe that the dream will get farther and farther away and harder and harder to attain.  Our country's AAA credit rating was downgraded for the very first time under Obama and he has no plans to create an economy where it will be restored.  This is truly disturbing.

Tonight, Mitt Romney will give his acceptance speech and hopefully will give a detailed plan for strengthening the economy under his administration.  This is his only chance to speak to millions of Americans unfiltered.  His experience has made him uniquely qualified to serve as President and he needs to share that with those people who are still undecided about him and with the Independents that will decide the outcome of this race.  If he can make his case tonight, I think he gets a big bump in the polls.  Paul Ryan set the stage for him last night by denigrating Obama's failed policies and actions and building up Romney's experience in the private sector and public arena.   Now, Romney just needs to fill in the blanks and win over the American people.  If only it were that easy.  The time for rhetoric and lofty dreams is over; we need a President who will lead us into an era of prosperity and growth.  Obama is definitely not that man, but I believe that Mitt Romney is. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Romney-Ryan Team

This is an exciting time in politics, the months leading up to a Presidential election.  For months, the media and pundits, and yes, your humble blogger, have been waiting with baited breath for the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney, to choose his running mate.  Now that Paul Ryan has been chosen, the media and the Democratic party are attacking Ryan in tandem.  It didn't take long for the partisan attacks to begin either.  I was at the announcement rally and by the time I returned home the attack machine was in full swing.  Ryan has a stellar record of voting conservatively in the House and is a fiscal hawk committed to paying down the deficit and leaving a legacy of prosperity for future generations.  Because of this record and high likability polls they must hammer him on his Republican map for the budget and Medicare reform. 

In the past, Republicans have chosen not to campaign on Medicare reform since the Medicare seniors represent a significant voting bloc.  However, Ryan's plan does not make any changes to the Medicare plan for seniors currently receiving benefits.  It only changes the plan for those people 55 years of age and under.  These reforms are necessary to preserve this system that allows people to retire at a reasonable age and still have healthy insurance.  According to the GAO, Medicare will go bankrupt by 2024 or sooner, based on the statistical analysis.  The Ryan plan prevents this bankruptcy and saves Medicare for future generations.  Of course, the Democrats are attacking Ryan for his plan and touting that Obamacare saves Medicare too.  For those in the know, Obamacare raids $716 billion from the Medicare budget and redirects it to Obamacare expenditures.  Of course, they SAY that the money comes from ending fraud and abuse within the medicare system, but you can't save that much money by monitoring fraud and abuse only,  There simply is not enough fraud and/or abuse happening to save hundreds of millions of dollars.  Therefore, one must conclude that the Obama team is lying.  Ryan's plan is not perfect, but it is a great start to reforming Medicare and making it solvent for many years to come.

Who would have ever thought that the Republicans would campaign on the issue of Medicare reform  and that if they did, they would be gaining ground with the senior citizens?  But, that is exactly what happened.  Paul Ryan took his mother down to "The Villages" with him to speak to a packed crowd about the Romney-Ryan plan for Medicare.  This made a huge difference to many people because he wouldn't say that their plan protects Medicare and his mother when they don't, now would he?  The answer of course, is no.  He would not tell a lie about Medicare when he knows it will affect his mother's retirement plans.  Medicare must be reformed from the entitlement monster that it is and it's budget must remain free from raiders so that the plan will be there for all the future generations to come.

The Republicans have a real winning team in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  This election is the MOST important election in our lifetime and we must elect Mitt Romney to protect America as we know her.  The plans that Barack Obama has for this nation are terrifying.  Not only does he want to continue to increase our deficit, but he wants another $800 billion stimulus plan in a second term.  He also wants to cut our military down to levels not seen since World War I, all the while knowing that the world is not a safe place and that we need a strong national defense.  I truly believe that if Obama wins re-election, America will cease to exist as a republic and will become a dictatorship with Obama at the helm.  It is so important that we all vote Republican in this election and bring the error that was made four years ago to an end.  This election is a referendum on Obama and his policies and an opportunity to talk about real reforms to government programs that will sustain those programs for years to come.  Mitt Romney picked a great running mate in Paul Ryan and they truly are "America's Comeback Team".

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Death of a Terrorist

I write today with great joy and pride in America. As the whole world now knows, the mastermind behind September 11. 2001 has been killed by American Navy SEALs operating in Pakistan. Osama bin Laden was brought to justice on Sunday night by members of the US military and the CIA while hiding out in a mansion thirty miles outside of Islamabad. The death of the founder of al Qaeda and the "genius" behind the attacks of September 11th had been living in the lap of luxury for several years less than a mile away from Pakistan's "West Point" military training academy. It was quite a shock to learn that he had been living in Pakistan for years and that he was in a million dollar mansion, not in a cave in Afghanistan. All the credit for this successful operation goes to the CIA and the US military for uncovering the trail and following it to the house in Abbottabad. Many of these intelligence officials have spent every day of the last nine years hunting for bin Laden and finally, their hunt led to the kill.

As more details of this covert operation surface we learn that the planning of this op began in 2005 with the interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and evolved from there over the next five years. The first tip was obtained while water boarding KSM at the instruction of President Bush and at the hands of the CIA. I find it ironic that Obama denounced the practice of water boarding while campaigning in 2008, but that he is now getting the credit for the killing of OBL; which would not have been possible without the intense interrogation that he so vehemently opposed.

While following the constant coverage of the death of bin Laden these past two days, many families of the 9-11 victims have been interviewed and their reactions are pretty much the same. Most of them say that they are thrilled that justice has finally been meted out, but are saddened that it cannot bring back their lost loved ones. While he was responsible for the attacks here in our homeland on 9-11, he was also responsible for a reign of terror across the planet. He was behind the subway bombings in London and Madrid, the bombings in Bali, the attacks on the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, the attack on the USS Cole in 2000 and countless others on civilians and military worldwide. He unleashed a reign of terror the likes of which had never been seen before. His death brings much needed closure to many people across the world but it can never fully assuage the pain that he caused.

After confirming the identity of Osama bin Laden, his body was prepared for burial at sea according to the Muslim religious tradition and was buried at sea in an undisclosed location by the sailors aboard the USS Carl Vinson in the North Arabian Sea. While I understand the reasons behind this type of burial, I wish that he had been disposed of a different way that did not honor his religious rites. I know that the reasons behind this type of burial were to prevent inciting more violence from Muslims here and abroad in response to his death and to prevent a shrine from being created had he been buried on land. However, this beast murdered Muslims, Christians and Jews alike with no concern for their innocence or religion and did not deserve a religious burial of any sort. Also, the quick disposal of his body lends more credence to conspiracy theorists and disbelief that it was actually him that was killed. To counter this effect, the Obama administration needs to release the photos of his dead body and the video of his burial at sea. Hopefully, they will do so sooner rather than later.

The other question that this operation presents is the cooperation of Pakistan in the concealment of bin Laden. It is simply very hard to believe that no one in the upper echelons of the Pakistani government and intelligence agencies did not know that he was there in Abbottabad. He was living in a million dollar compound with an eighteen foot high fence with barbed wire in a town of retired military. The residents of his compound burned their trash instead of setting it out on the curb for pickup, there were no phone lines or television going into the house, everyone in the house was required to work except for one older man who was showed deference and not required to do anything. These are just a few of the details that should have raised red flags in Pakistan. Had this compound existed within the United States, many of the neighbors would have questioned it and alerted local authorities about its existence. Surely, someone in the intelligence community of Pakistan knew about this compound and the presence of Osama bin Laden within the house. Our government needs to ask the tough questions of Pakistan - did they know he was there? Did they protect him, or even worse, aid him in any way? Our foreign aid to Pakistan needs to be suspended until these and other questions are answered appropriately. Hopefully, members of Congress will discuss this soon and take action to investigate the connections.

The death of Osama bin Laden is a moral victory for America and our military and intelligence communities and a feather in the cap of President Obama and is a great ending to one chapter of the War on Terror. However, we must remain even more vigilant and alert to terrorism as al Qaeda will want to avenge his death. I pray that our country remains safe and secure and that we continue to wage a heavy war on terror worldwide. I know that OBL is burning in the fires of Hell as he should be and I commend President Obama for green lighting this successful operation. I also commend President Bush for putting in place the policies that led to the intelligence gathering and ultimate demise of bin Laden. His death has been desired by so many people for so long and it is wonderful that it came at the hands of the US military and specifically, the Navy SEALs. Thank you to all who serve this great country in the military, intelligence community and as first responders. It truly is a great day to be so proud to be an American and I am!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Fairy Tale Beginning...

Usually, I use this blog to rant and rave about Obama's bad decisions, but today is a happy day. I know we are no longer under British rule and that we fought a war to gain our independence, but sometimes I am spellbound by the British monarchy. Today is one of those days. Today, I woke up extremely early, 4:30 am, to watch all the coverage live from London of the Royal Wedding - the matrimonial pomp and circumstance surrounding the nuptials of Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis and Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.

Sometimes, I think it is healthy to stop and focus on the beautiful moments in life like a wedding. Although as Americans we will not be directly affected by the British monarchy, the United Kingdom is our closest ally in the world. The constitutional monarchy of Britain demonstrates that it is possible to have a democracy and a monarch on the throne and still govern well. Queen Elizabeth II has been a superb ruler and is very popular amongst her subjects. The approval rating of the monarchy is over 80% in England which speaks volumes about the position of the people towards the Royal family. It is very positive. As Americans, we have a hard time understanding the role of royalty and may even be averse to its existence, but we can still be awestruck by the trappings of royalty.

The wedding of Prince William and Kate gives us a glimpse into the life and times of a British royal and the ceremony that surrounds the affair. The only event that comes close to having the pomp and circumstance here in America is the inauguration of a President. This event is always surrounded by great ceremony and flair. However, it pales in comparison. I greatly enjoyed watching the wedding and anxiously waiting for the first kiss. It was exciting and cheerful as it should be. I have tried to explain to my skeptical husband the reason for all the excitement amongst us "commoners". Every little girl dreams of becoming a Princess and we got to watch that dream come true for Kate. Now we get to look on as she becomes a princess and the future Queen of England. She will grow into her role as the Duchess of Cambridge and also produce heirs for the throne. I am anxious to see what charities she will become interested in and support. Will she go to Africa and hold children stricken with AIDS in her arms like Diana did? Perhaps.

It will be exciting to watch a young woman develop into a young princess under the tutelage of her loving husband and a magnificent Queen. Kate is a beautiful woman and by all accounts a sweet person ready to assume the role that has been bestowed upon her. There is great pride and joy in England today and I dare say, around the world. It was wonderful to watch this episode of royal life on display and I am hopeful for the future of the British monarchy. Every once in a while you get the opportunity to witness a fairy tale and that happened today. Congratulations Prince William & Duchess Catherine!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welfare to Work???

I read an article today about proposed legislation in the House for welfare reform by Jim Jordan (R)-Ohio. He proposes that the welfare system needs some major revision and that it is time for some "tough-love" for the recipients. I agree. The system as it currently stands, is designed to keep people dependent on the government and never let them stand on their own two feet. This is simply not the proper design. Welfare should be an assistance program, not a dependency program.

I believe that welfare should be temporary and that the recipients should be encouraged and required to work. True, I have never been on welfare, but I have friends and family with experience in the system. If a person finds himself unemployed and in need of government assistance, the system should be there to help. After all, we pay taxes for this kind of thing. When the person begins receiving assistance, he should be required to reciprocate by performing community service or job training, if full-time work in their field is unavailable. The way the system currently works is to provide assistance while it is needed and it will even supply money for job training and childcare while the training is going on. However, as soon as the needy person achieves the level of training needed to secure gainful employment, it ceases all assistance, including food stamps and Medicaid for the children.

On the surface this appears to work as it should as it moved the person from welfare to work. The problem arises when the now employed person does not earn enough to support the family. If all assistance comes to an end before the person earns enough to maintain a household, the person usually has to resort to quitting the job and decides it is better to stay home and collect a check. This happens all too often and should not be the case. Welfare should be incremental in its amount of assistance. If the needy person has young children requiring childcare, it should be provided or supplemented until the assistance is no longer needed. The same is true of the Medicaid assistance. This type of system would encourage people to continue to work and provide for their family.

If a person is employed and is no longer fully dependent on the government to make ends meet, a sense of accomplishment is achieved and they receive a boost in their self esteem. This serves as continued encouragement to strive for more and become a productive member of society. It also helps to keep families from inheriting the welfare state. There are thousands of examples of former welfare recipients becoming extremely successful people and more than providing for their families. This should be the goal of welfare - to move recipients off the welfare rolls onto the private sector employment rolls. This is what Jordan's bill proposes.

Of course, the House will probably pass it, among party lines, but it will never see the light of day in the Democrat-controlled Senate. This begs the question why wouldn't legislators of any party want to provide people with a path to success? The answer - if welfare recipients realize that they CAN provide for themselves and their families without being dependent on the government, then they also might wake up to the reality that the Democrats have never done anything for them except keep them chained to a broken system. Of course, this would send shockwaves through the party as they are dependent on this economic class in elections.

Jordan says that it is time for some "tough-love" and incentives to succeed and he is right. This legislation needs all the support it can get from the public so that the Democrats will be forced to bring it up for a vote in the Senate. America can no longer afford to support able-bodied people who refuse to work. Also, he says that there are 77 programs at the federal and state level responsible for welfare and there must be some redundancy. If we remove the redundant programs it will save money and streamline the welfare system.

At this time of economic uncertainty and wasteful spending we need to do all we can to eliminate unnecessary government spending. Jordan summarized his bill very well by saying, "This bill begins to treat all American families with the respect they deserve. We're giving the taxpayers, who are supporting the system, the facts of where your dollars are actually going, and showing this is why it needs change. And, for the families stuck in the system, we're going to give them tough love incentives they need for a better life." All I can say is, it's about time.

Monday, November 22, 2010

No,Thank You - I'll Just Drive

What in the world has happened to our freedoms in this Nation? Apparently, we are being stripped of our right to no illegal search and seizures. This TSA screening process is completely anathema to everything our country stands for. For the first time in our history, we are being FORCED to submit to invasive security measures in order to board an airplane. This is simply not necessary as we already have metal detectors and xray screening of our luggage in place to prevent any in air attacks.

I realize that the "Christmas Day Bomber" Abdulmutallab managed to evade the security protocols that were in place and attempted to light an explosive device while in the air, but he was foiled before the explosives could ignite thanks to some very patriotic passengers. However, there is one important part of the scheme that is being left out - he was a radical Muslim bent on jihad. Just another radicalized Muslim determined to be a martyr in the cause of jihad on the Great Satan.

This is the part that is consistently being downplayed by those at the TSA and Homeland Security is that all those who are trying to blow up planes or Times Square or murder soldiers have one thing in common - they are all Muslim. After 9/11 the liberals talked incessantly about the dangers of profiling and the erosion of personal liberty. Now, we get to see the result of assuming everyone is a risk and not using our brains to determine threats. If everyone is patted down rather aggressively like they are doing at all US airports, then that assumes that all people that are flying are a national security risk, even those that are fighting to preserve our liberties.

Imagine the Army soldier just flying home after a year fighting in Afghanistan. He is so excited that he is finally going to see his wife and brand new baby boy and is honored to have served his country in her time of need. He arrives at the airport prepared to catch a flight home to Iowa and is very excited. But first he has to go through security. This means that he will either have to submit to x-rated full body scans or a pat down by one of the TSA officials. This airport is smaller than most, so there are no scanners. A pat down is his only option. Now, he gets to be treated like the terrorists that he was fighting against in Afghanistan - he is seen as a risk and is subjected to a man with blue gloves on "feeling his junk". How does it makes him feel to be in his own country and have to be subjected to an invasive search for weapons or explosives before he can board a plane to go home? He is the farthest from a terrorist that this Nation has, yet he is treated like a suspect all the same.

Is this the freedom that he fought to protect? Is every citizen going to be treated as a possible terrorist now? If we were to profile, not racially, but using intelligence gathered from our intelligence agencies, we would not be subjecting everyone to this security procedure. The Israelis and the Brits have been using intelligence profiling for years and have successfully managed to keep terrorists off their planes. Simply checking passports for country of origin and countries visited could keep thousands of people, perhaps millions, out of long security lines across the country everyday. There is simply no need to full body scan or pat down every single passenger at the airport on the off chance that one of them might be planning an in air terrorist attack.

The body scans wouldn't be so bad if they didn't save the images on a computer and hadn't already been leaked on the Internet. Clearly the TSA cannot ensure the safety of these body images and they should not be tasked with performing them if they can't keep them off the web. Also, there have been reports of very young children being patted down, rape victims trying to opt out and not being allowed to select a different type of security check. I even read about a case with a bladder cancer survivor that wears an ostomy bag. He told the TSA screeners of his problem and they ignored his caution not to break the seal between his bag and his body and then he was covered with urine. They didn't even apologize for their mistake! Do we really need to pat down children? This could be construed as molestation in any other situation. I am livid about the processes that the TSA and the Obama administration has instituted and am determined NOT to fly until they are changed.

How would Obama feel if he got a pat down in his crotch every time he boarded Air Force One? What about watching his wife, Michelle, get patted down? Or even worse, his daughters Sasha and Malia? The true test of any law is to apply it across the board and see if it works. If the Congressmen and women and their families were subjected to these pat downs, I truly believe they would be squawking even louder. This is simply ridiculous and should be changed immediately. Maybe someone should pat down Janet Napolitano and touch her in places that she wouldn't want to be touched. If someone touched me or my child like that - I would be ready to take off his head. How is it any better because the so called Transportation Security Administration official does it?

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