Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ryan's RNC Speech

This week has been very exciting, with Hurricane Isaac pounding the Gulf Coast and the Republicans celebrating at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  I have paid very close attention to both, but have really enjoyed the speeches at the convention this week.  If I had to pick a favorite one it would be Paul Ryan's acceptance speech last night.  He made several key points about the Romney/Ryan team's vision for the future of America and several jabs at President Obama.  One of the best lines against Obama was the image he conjured up of a twenty-something college graduate in his childhood bedroom staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when he can move out and begin his life.  This image should have hit home for many younger voters that are disappointed and frustrated by President Obama and the job-killing economic policies he has made in the last three years.  Hopefully, this will result in many of those young adults voting for Romney in November.

 He also made a good argument for choosing him and Mitt Romney by asking at what point does Obama begin assuming responsibility for the struggling American economy.  "It has been almost four years since Obama assumed the office.  At what point does he assume responsibility?"  That is an excellent question.  No one doubts that the President took office during a troubled economic season, but his policies have made a difficult situation much worse.  With the failed $800 billion stimulus, which was only possible by borrowing money, the passage of an exorbitant tax program otherwise known as Obamacare and the foolish step of printing more money, Obama has assisted the downturn of the economy and the increase in the unemployment rate.

 When President Bush left office, the unemployment rate was 4.6%, now it is 8.3% and rising.  Also, the rate of unemployment has been above 8% for a consecutive 43 months.  It is so difficult to find a job that one out of every two college graduates today are either unemployed or under-employed, meaning that they cannot find a job that they were trained for or that they are working a part-time position instead of being able to secure full-time employment in their field.  This economy is headed in the direction of Europe's economy and more specifically, that of Greece.  Something MUST be done to save the United States from bankruptcy and soon.  I believe the men for the job are Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!  These men have experience in economics, including budgeting and job creation and know how to get this country back on track towards prosperity. 

I was discussing the economy with my husband the other day and he brought up a very good point.  I asked him when it became a crime to be successful and wealthy in America?  His response - when the liberal agenda of socialism began being taught in public schools.  When I was a kid and I saw a very successful person with amassed wealth, I thought "I hope I can be like him one day."  Now, they are teaching people to scorn those with money and success.  This is not the principle on which our Nation was founded.  It does not reflect the best of America or the "American Dream" which millions of us strive to achieve every day.  If President Obama is given four more years, I believe that the dream will get farther and farther away and harder and harder to attain.  Our country's AAA credit rating was downgraded for the very first time under Obama and he has no plans to create an economy where it will be restored.  This is truly disturbing.

Tonight, Mitt Romney will give his acceptance speech and hopefully will give a detailed plan for strengthening the economy under his administration.  This is his only chance to speak to millions of Americans unfiltered.  His experience has made him uniquely qualified to serve as President and he needs to share that with those people who are still undecided about him and with the Independents that will decide the outcome of this race.  If he can make his case tonight, I think he gets a big bump in the polls.  Paul Ryan set the stage for him last night by denigrating Obama's failed policies and actions and building up Romney's experience in the private sector and public arena.   Now, Romney just needs to fill in the blanks and win over the American people.  If only it were that easy.  The time for rhetoric and lofty dreams is over; we need a President who will lead us into an era of prosperity and growth.  Obama is definitely not that man, but I believe that Mitt Romney is. 

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