Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Romney-Ryan Team

This is an exciting time in politics, the months leading up to a Presidential election.  For months, the media and pundits, and yes, your humble blogger, have been waiting with baited breath for the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney, to choose his running mate.  Now that Paul Ryan has been chosen, the media and the Democratic party are attacking Ryan in tandem.  It didn't take long for the partisan attacks to begin either.  I was at the announcement rally and by the time I returned home the attack machine was in full swing.  Ryan has a stellar record of voting conservatively in the House and is a fiscal hawk committed to paying down the deficit and leaving a legacy of prosperity for future generations.  Because of this record and high likability polls they must hammer him on his Republican map for the budget and Medicare reform. 

In the past, Republicans have chosen not to campaign on Medicare reform since the Medicare seniors represent a significant voting bloc.  However, Ryan's plan does not make any changes to the Medicare plan for seniors currently receiving benefits.  It only changes the plan for those people 55 years of age and under.  These reforms are necessary to preserve this system that allows people to retire at a reasonable age and still have healthy insurance.  According to the GAO, Medicare will go bankrupt by 2024 or sooner, based on the statistical analysis.  The Ryan plan prevents this bankruptcy and saves Medicare for future generations.  Of course, the Democrats are attacking Ryan for his plan and touting that Obamacare saves Medicare too.  For those in the know, Obamacare raids $716 billion from the Medicare budget and redirects it to Obamacare expenditures.  Of course, they SAY that the money comes from ending fraud and abuse within the medicare system, but you can't save that much money by monitoring fraud and abuse only,  There simply is not enough fraud and/or abuse happening to save hundreds of millions of dollars.  Therefore, one must conclude that the Obama team is lying.  Ryan's plan is not perfect, but it is a great start to reforming Medicare and making it solvent for many years to come.

Who would have ever thought that the Republicans would campaign on the issue of Medicare reform  and that if they did, they would be gaining ground with the senior citizens?  But, that is exactly what happened.  Paul Ryan took his mother down to "The Villages" with him to speak to a packed crowd about the Romney-Ryan plan for Medicare.  This made a huge difference to many people because he wouldn't say that their plan protects Medicare and his mother when they don't, now would he?  The answer of course, is no.  He would not tell a lie about Medicare when he knows it will affect his mother's retirement plans.  Medicare must be reformed from the entitlement monster that it is and it's budget must remain free from raiders so that the plan will be there for all the future generations to come.

The Republicans have a real winning team in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  This election is the MOST important election in our lifetime and we must elect Mitt Romney to protect America as we know her.  The plans that Barack Obama has for this nation are terrifying.  Not only does he want to continue to increase our deficit, but he wants another $800 billion stimulus plan in a second term.  He also wants to cut our military down to levels not seen since World War I, all the while knowing that the world is not a safe place and that we need a strong national defense.  I truly believe that if Obama wins re-election, America will cease to exist as a republic and will become a dictatorship with Obama at the helm.  It is so important that we all vote Republican in this election and bring the error that was made four years ago to an end.  This election is a referendum on Obama and his policies and an opportunity to talk about real reforms to government programs that will sustain those programs for years to come.  Mitt Romney picked a great running mate in Paul Ryan and they truly are "America's Comeback Team".

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