Friday, April 29, 2011

A Fairy Tale Beginning...

Usually, I use this blog to rant and rave about Obama's bad decisions, but today is a happy day. I know we are no longer under British rule and that we fought a war to gain our independence, but sometimes I am spellbound by the British monarchy. Today is one of those days. Today, I woke up extremely early, 4:30 am, to watch all the coverage live from London of the Royal Wedding - the matrimonial pomp and circumstance surrounding the nuptials of Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis and Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.

Sometimes, I think it is healthy to stop and focus on the beautiful moments in life like a wedding. Although as Americans we will not be directly affected by the British monarchy, the United Kingdom is our closest ally in the world. The constitutional monarchy of Britain demonstrates that it is possible to have a democracy and a monarch on the throne and still govern well. Queen Elizabeth II has been a superb ruler and is very popular amongst her subjects. The approval rating of the monarchy is over 80% in England which speaks volumes about the position of the people towards the Royal family. It is very positive. As Americans, we have a hard time understanding the role of royalty and may even be averse to its existence, but we can still be awestruck by the trappings of royalty.

The wedding of Prince William and Kate gives us a glimpse into the life and times of a British royal and the ceremony that surrounds the affair. The only event that comes close to having the pomp and circumstance here in America is the inauguration of a President. This event is always surrounded by great ceremony and flair. However, it pales in comparison. I greatly enjoyed watching the wedding and anxiously waiting for the first kiss. It was exciting and cheerful as it should be. I have tried to explain to my skeptical husband the reason for all the excitement amongst us "commoners". Every little girl dreams of becoming a Princess and we got to watch that dream come true for Kate. Now we get to look on as she becomes a princess and the future Queen of England. She will grow into her role as the Duchess of Cambridge and also produce heirs for the throne. I am anxious to see what charities she will become interested in and support. Will she go to Africa and hold children stricken with AIDS in her arms like Diana did? Perhaps.

It will be exciting to watch a young woman develop into a young princess under the tutelage of her loving husband and a magnificent Queen. Kate is a beautiful woman and by all accounts a sweet person ready to assume the role that has been bestowed upon her. There is great pride and joy in England today and I dare say, around the world. It was wonderful to watch this episode of royal life on display and I am hopeful for the future of the British monarchy. Every once in a while you get the opportunity to witness a fairy tale and that happened today. Congratulations Prince William & Duchess Catherine!!!!

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