Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Just a Race Thing

I have had it! I am so tired of being labeled a racist by the liberal left wing of the Democratic party. I am a proud participant in the Tea Parties that have happened nationwide and have done so because I disagree with the direction the government is taking the country in. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a racist. Of course, the fact that there are people of all creeds, party affiliations, and ethnicities participating in these tea parties seems to constantly escape the notice of those who seek to degrade our protest. If you have any doubt of this, all you need to do is listen to Janeane Garofalo on the Bill Maher show this weekend. [I have attached the video to this page for you to view it for yourself. Click on the top video in the video bar.] In her so illustrious way, she calls us "teabaggers" a white supremacist group. She says that we are clearly a "white identity" group or a "white power" group. The only problem that we have with President Obama, according to her, is that he is black. To put it as politely as possible, I could care less whether Barack Obama were black, white, green, purple or polka dot, I DO NOT agree with his socialist agenda! How dare she and other liberals insult me and my family and friends (many of you reading this) by calling us racists? It is not enough that she calls us racists and white supremacists, but she continues on with her train of thought and says that we are all pretending that racism is not the reason that we are protesting and speaking out against Obama. She says that we are "no different than any other white identity group throughout our nation's history". This implies the Klan and Nazis to me, but you can draw your own analogies. And, then says that we are tacitly nudging the country and each other towards violence by showing up to these rallies armed with our legal weapons. Last time I checked, it was legal in this country to own firearms so long as you are not a felon and prohibited by the law from doing so. Also, it is our right to assemble peacefully that we are exercising as granted to us by that document which binds our Nation together, the United States Constitution. Perhaps, she should try reading it sometime, maybe she would learn about our inherent freedoms in this country as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Freedom of speech is not extended only to those who are in power, but to ALL Americans. It is our right in this country to protest and speak out against government policies that we do not agree with. It is our right to carry signs asking our leaders, our ELECTED officials to be more responsible with our money, to listen to the concerns of their constituents, to create a health care plan that benefits everyone, not just the people who are currently uninsured.

I have watched the coverage of these "tea parties" very closely and I have not seen one single incident where the protesters became violent and the police were forced to get involved. As far as I can tell, they have all been peaceful gatherings to voice our opposition to a myriad of issues from the stimulus package to the health care proposals, to the advocating of a fair tax system and the rejection of socialist policies. I have seen signs asking our government's leaders not to burden our children and grandchildren with insurmountable national debt. Signs that ask Obama to revise the tax code in favor of the "fair tax"and others asking for the "flat tax" system. Signs against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and signs in support of our troops fighting in those wars. The Americans that participate in the tea parties are people who truly believe that they have a voice and that it should be heard. For so many years, Americans have been so apathetic about politics and have been involved as little as possible in the decisions that our leaders make; this has changed this year. It has absolutely nothing to do with the color of the President's skin and has everything to do with the direction of his political agenda. Every policy that he has advocated since taking office has been more and more socialistic than the one before it.

Many people are beginning to see through the lofty speeches and the glossy magazine photos and see the man for what he is - a Socialist in Capitalist clothing. If African Americans had protested the policies of George Bush as vehemently as people are protesting those of Obama, no one would have said a word about racism. But, with the shoe on the right foot, politically speaking, the door has now swung wide open and the insults are being freely hurled at those who would dare to stand up for their rights as Americans. It is such a comforting thought to know that since I am a white person, I have given up my right to advocate for policies that are anathema to Obama's simply because he is a black man. What a great commentary on our times!

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Anonymous said...

Right on! The way I try to figure out if there is something not fair going on is to apply the concept across the board, like if it is fair for you to say whatever you like about the last President, then it should be just as fair for me to do the same with this or any President. Rinse and repeat for any other topic you may have, the results may not always be what you would like to hear, but for the most part it is fair.

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