Friday, October 3, 2008

Mavericks 'R Us?

Well, now that the VP debate is over, all that's left to do is wait for the poll results. Many of the pundits are predicting that McCain's free falling numbers will stop and he will regain some ground as a result of Sarah Palin's performance. Of course, that is EXACTLY what I am hoping for. However, there are still 32 days left until election day and there is so much work to be done. Today, Governor Palin said that she would like to campaign across Michigan with Todd. I think that is an excellent idea. Hopefully, the McCain Palin campaign will decide to take the chance and let them give it a whirl. After all, Todd is a union man and Michigan is chock full of hunters and fishermen. If any Republican has a chance of turning that state red, it's Sarah Palin.

John McCain gets to face off with Barack "The Chosen One" Obama on Tuesday night again and he has his work cut out for him. He definitely needs to make it clear to the voters that a McCain White House would be very different from an Obama one and articulate the ways it would be. He must make the differentiation between growing government and its control over every aspect of your life, especially your wallet, and keeping the federal government at a minimal level. Since the Bailout Bill has now passed both Houses of Congress and we are going to be increasing our federal deficit by another $700 billion, McCain needs to appeal to the angry Americans, like me, that disagreed with the bailout even though we know there really was no other option. I did not want to see our economy collapse under the weight of failed mortgages and sub prime lending and I don't believe anyone else did either. That is why our leaders voted for the bill despite their misgivings. Of course, if the Democrats could just manage to write ONE bill that is not laden with pork projects, it will be a true "act of Congress", as they say. It is just a shame that McCain felt that he had no choice but to vote for the bill - I really wish he would have been in the position to take a stand on this one. Just an FYI - there was over $128 billion of pet projects in the Bailout Bill and by McCain voting for it he actually voted for more pork in one single bill than he has in his entire career in the United States Senate. Where was the Maverick today?

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