Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin Power

Tonight we saw why John McCain chose her. She is awesome! For those of us who didn't already realize that Sarah Palin is the perfect choice for McCain's Vice Presidential running mate, we found out tonight. I loved watching her debate Joe Biden. She showed such strength in her positions and determination to articulate her positions. I also think that Biden was somewhat unprepared for her spirited debate style. She reminded Americans that partisan politics need to come to an end if the needs of the people are to come first with the government. She also made it obvious that she is committed to working for the average, every day American - because she is one. How refreshing! When was the last time we had a person in the White House that was just your everyday "hockey Mom"? I can't remember. It has been THAT long ago. It sure would be a welcome change to have an outsider in Washington with our best interests at heart.

As I am sitting here typing this I am listening to the political pundits dissect the debate and discuss the performances tonight. Many of them agree that Sarah Palin was great, no matter their affiliation. However, there are a few of them that think that Biden won the debate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but having participated in several debates, I believe that tonight is was all about Sarah Palin. What a grasp on the economy and the foreign relations issues of our day! Who knew that Alaska had any interest in Darfur? I don' think that Joe saw that one coming. Also, Palin said that Barack Obama has said that all we are doing in Afghanistan is "air raiding villages and killing women and children" and this has to stop. Did anyone else notice that Joe Biden did not even begin to respond to the accusation. Interesting? Perhaps, Joe Biden realized that it's hard to argue with the truth. Way to go Sarah!

So, the results are in... Palin Power all the way!!


A Military Life said...

I was very impressed with her after the debate. I think she would be a asset to washington. And I love the health care idea. Yes at some point in the future I believe that we should have a national Healthcare system but there is no way thst obama could make that happen in his term in office. McCain and Palin are giving real solutions for our country that CAN be accomplished while they are in office.

GOP Gal said...

Thanks for commenting. I agree. McCain & Palin are offering real answers to our important issues. I am anxious to see the debate on Tuesday night between McCain & Obama. It should be great.

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